Belfast’s innovative liposuction services

Are you tired of cellulite and excess fat that just won’t budge? At Simply Be Beautiful, we’re proud to offer our expert liposuction services to clients across Belfast. Located on Lisburn Road, visit our clinic to learn more about our 3D-Lipo technology and premium results. 


One of the most advanced machines of its type, the 3D-Lipo has revolutionised non-surgical fat removal, reduction of cellulite and skin tightening in one award-winning machine. Incorporating cavitation, DUO cryolipolysis and focus fractional radio frequency technologies, effective liposuction and cellulite reduction has never been easier. 

In demand services

As one of few trusted clinics in Northern Ireland, we’re proud to offer 3D-Lipo services to clients on Lisburn Road, across Belfast and throughout the surrounding region. Our professionals specialise in the effective and lasting reduction of cellulite and fat on your body. 

The benefits

3D-Lipo is an innovative machine incorporating advanced technology to specifically target problem areas on your body. With fast results, you’ll quickly notice a reduction in cellulite, stretch marks and fat. As a non-invasive procedure, the 3D-Lipo machine is changing the game when it comes to liposuction and skin tightening. 
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