Thread Vein Removal

How does ThermaVein work?

ThermaVein is a safe, fast and effective treatment for unsightly thread/spider veins often referred to medically as telangiectasia. We use an insulated probe which, when applied to the skin causes the vein to empty. ThermaVein then seals the vein by gently heating the proteins in the vein wall causing a seal. The body then naturally reabsorbs the vein making this an instant and effective treatment.

Tip: We always recommend a review after 6 weeks

Using a very low 4Mhz current ThermaVein does not coagulate the blood, a mechanism used in other treatments, making it a very safe and sort after treatment, with minimal downtime for patients. ThermaVein is a time proven treatment that is used in clinics worldwide. ThermaVein is fully CE compliant as a medical device to EEC directive 93/42 and is supported by clinic trials.

What does it treat?

  • Red Facial Veins
  • Milia
  • Skin Tags
  • Cherry Angioma, Spider Nevus & Vascular Blemishes
  • Red Leg Veins (stand-alone)
  • Leg veins in combination with Micro-Sclerotherapy
  • Advanced treatment options

Why ThermaVein?

  • Amazing results
  • Safe, instant and effective
  • Minimal risk of skin damage
  • Clinically and time proven treatment
  • Safe alternative to IPL laser or electrolysis
  • Low 4 MHz current
  • Worldwide network of clinical experts
  • Cost effective solution
For ThermaVein treatments in Belfast, call us on 028 9068 7519.
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